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Effectively Training the Subs in Your District

School Districts
Without proper training, substitutes can feel undervalued and unprepared. Students also lose critical learning time and access to high quality classroom activities.

Cultivating a Welcoming Environment for Substitutes

School Districts
For most jobs, this first day only happens once. For substitute teachers, this happens every time you walk into a new school building.

Make your District a Top Destination for Substitute Teachers

School Districts
Fixing the nationwide sub shortage is outside of your control, but there are things you can do to increase the likelihood of available substitute teachers choosing to work in your district.

What Age Group is Right for You?

If you’re not sure what age group is right for you, here are some tips to help you decide.

Managing the High School Classroom

Learning rules before students arrive will help ensure you have a firm understanding of what is and is not allowed.

How to be a Preferred Guest Teacher

What can you do to become a preferred guest teacher in a district? There are several ways to help put yourself at the top of the list.

What? No Lesson Plan?

Arrive to every assignment armed with ideas for down-time, you’ll be prepared to handle the day with or without a lesson plan.

Edustaff sub motivates kids to read through online video series

He noticed that many of the fifth- and sixth-grade students he works with read only graphic novels – if they read at all.

Improving Your Classroom Presence

Practicing a few core tactics will go a long way toward giving you the classroom presence you’re seeking.

The Role of the Paraprofessional

Paraprofessionals make the school day run more smoothly for everyone

Surviving Your First Day

Starting a new job is never easy. But if you’re embarking on a career as a substitute teacher, it might feel like you’re starting a new job every day.

Is Substitute Teaching Right for Me?

If you enjoy being around children and teens and you’re looking for a flexible schedule, substitute teaching might be a great choice for your next career.

Educational Sites for Subs

Online resources offer wealth of information for substitute teachers

Executing a Successful Day with Your Teacher Toolkit

If you find yourself walking into an assignment you’re unsure of, your tried and true Teacher Toolkit can help turn a stressful day into a successful one.

What can your school district do about the sub shortage?

School Districts
With school districts from coast-to-coast scrambling to find enough subs, it makes sense to focus as much effort, energy, and resources on them as possible. Making sure substitute teachers have everything they need to be successful might take a little extra time. But it will be time well spent.

How to Keep Your Substitutes

School Districts
One must understand the critical role that substitute teachers play in maintaining continuity and quality instruction in classrooms.

Investigating The Substitute Staffing Shortage In 2024

School Districts
Fixing the substitute teacher shortage is no simple feat, but there are a few things districts can do to improve their odds of finding and retaining substitutes

How to become an Edustaff substitute teacher

Can you be a substitute teacher if you don’t have a teaching certificate?

Complete Substitute Teacher Job Description – PDF Included

School Districts
What to include for a complete Substitute Teacher Job Description w/ PDF.

10 Easy Ways to Start Leveraging Technology to Simplify Teacher Recruitment

Here are 10 ways to start leveraging technology in your teacher recruitment process so you can take back your valuable time.

Your Guide to How Does Inflation Affect Schools?

School Districts
A quick breakdown of inflation's affect on schools. Free infographic resource included!

What is a Substitute Teacher Staffing Platform?

School Districts
Everything you need to know about what a substitute teacher staffing platform is.