How to Keep Your Substitutes

School Districts

May 3, 2024

One must understand the critical role that substitute teachers play in maintaining continuity and quality instruction in classrooms.

First and foremost, prioritize building a strong pool of qualified substitute teachers through rigorous recruitment processes. A screening procedure ensures that every substitute on the roster meets the highest standards of professionalism and competence. Verify credentials, conduct thorough background checks, and provide comprehensive training to equip substitutes with the skills and confidence they need to excel in the classroom. Many substitutes no longer accept being treated like “baby-sitters” and demand the respect of fellow educators.

Furthermore, recognize the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for substitute teachers. Create a platform that provides substitutes with access to resources, mentorship opportunities, and ongoing professional development to help them thrive in their roles. Understand that feeling valued and respected is crucial for retaining substitute teachers, and prioritize communication, feedback, and recognition.

In addition to a commitment to substitute quality and support, leverage innovative technology to streamline the substitute placement process. A user-friendly platform will allow school administrators to efficiently request substitutes, manage assignments, and provide feedback, ensuring a seamless experience for both schools and substitutes.

As the old saying goes, retaining an employee is less expensive than finding and training a new one. As pandemic funds run out, retaining substitutes at school districts should be of paramount importance. This largely falls on the administration and human-resources staff at each district. If the internal team is unable to take on these additional responsibilities, a district should look for a third-party solution, that is often times cost-neutral.

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