Superior Recruiting Methods for Franklin Township Public Schools


Somerset, NJ, approximately 32 miles from Newark
5 miles from New Brunswick

• Serving ~7,300 students
• 8 Elementary Schools
• 2 Middle Schools
• 1 High School

Previous Provider

Like many school districts across the country, Franklin Township Public Schools was struggling to find enough substitute teachers to fill its classrooms. So, in 2018, after working with another staffing provider, the district partnered with Edustaff to provide quality educational staffing and Human Resource services. Edustaff was the only staffing company they met with who really focused on students, school district leaders said. They appreciate Edustaff’s continued attention to making sure there’s a sub in every classroom for the good of the students.

The district says that Edustaff’s “superior recruiting methods” have helped them find more substitute teachers and increase their fill rates. The staff is impressed by Edustaff’s success finding new subs at local colleges and universities, and with their ability to find and place long-term subs. They’re also happy with the personalized attention they get from Edustaff's recruiters.

According to Brian Bonnano, Manager of HR for the district, “Franklin was the first district to contract with Edustaff in New Jersey, and they are a welcome addition to the substitute teacher solutions in our state. Edustaff was able to transition our district effectively and efficiently, most importantly they were able to learn the intricacies of New Jersey teaching certification and substitute teaching code. Through their aggressive recruitment process, they were able to fill our substitute needs as well, if not better than, the companies who had a corner on the market, and it was their first year in New Jersey.”

Working side-by-side with Edustaff, Franklin Township Public Schools’ HR team has implemented an array of best practices. They are now consistently provided with employees who are well-trained and motivated. Edustaff manages the full sub pool from background checks and training through payroll. This has allowed their HR department to focus on other tasks, alleviating the need for school secretaries to make early morning phone calls to fill positions.

“Edustaff also stands out in their efforts in the area of customer service to the district and their sub employees. They go out of their way to get to know the community and how the district operates. Edustaff is the future of sub service in New Jersey.” 

Manager of HR