Responsive Customer Service for Calhoun County School District


Anniston, AL, approximately 70miles from Birmingham

• Serving ~8,500 students
• 7 Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 7 High Schools

Previous Provider

Kelly Services

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Similar to many school districts across the country,the Calhoun County School District in Anniston, Alabama was struggling to find enough substitute teachers to fill its classrooms. Even utilizing a staffing provider was not enough to solve the issue, with many assignments going unfilled throughout the school year. In addition, the substitute teachers they did have often lacked the ability to successfully manage a classroom or provide students with a positive learning atmosphere.

Unfilled classrooms were not the only frustration the school district was experiencing. The lack of timely communication from their provider, along with a servicing model that prevented building secretaries from managing the school district’s dispatching software efficiently, led school district leaders to seek a change.

In 2018, The Calhoun County School District chose to change staffing providers and began a partnership with Edustaff. The high level of customer service and responsiveness from Edustaff was evident immediately.Once again, building secretaries had full access to their dispatching software and could use it in a way that worked best for them.

The local Edustaff Recruiter provided in-person, high quality classroom management training, worked to increase the sub pool, and helped fill unfilled assignments. The number and frequency of subs working in the school district has increased considerably, with average fill rates exceeding 95%. Needless to say, the transition to Edustaff has proven to be very beneficial forCalhoun County School District!

“The entire team of professionals at Edustaff is a valuable partner of Calhoun County Schools. They demonstrate quality in every aspect of substitute advertising, recruiting, training and hiring in our County. We are extremely pleased with the ‘hometown’ service with our very own Edustaff employee located in-house to serve our unique individualized needs on a daily basis. We could not ask for a better partnership in our effort to provide quality individuals in our schools in the absence of our educators and staff in Calhoun County Schools.”