Creating solutions for Eau Claire Area School District


About 90 minutes East of Twin Cities (MN).
Population of about 70,000 

• Serving 11,150 students 
• 12 Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 2 High Schools
• 3 Charter Schools
• 1 Early Learning 

Previous Provider

Teacher on Call

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By partnering with Edustaff, the Eau Claire Area School District found solutions to several different challenges they were facing with their previous staffing provider, all at a better price. 

The Wisconsin district with 11,000 students switched to Edustaff seeking a better pricing model, a better relationship with the district, high-quality long-term subs, and a faster process for getting new substitutes on board. 

Edustaff has played an integral part in mitigating or solving each of those challenges, while also supporting any initiatives the district sought, according to Brandon Wick, Eau Claire Area School District’s HR manager.

Edustaff created a training program that was approved by the state’s Department of Public Instruction, so Edustaff substitutes can now get their substitute teacher license quickly without having to go through the state’s training program. 

Further, when the district wants to hire one of Edustaff’s well-trained employees, they don’t need to pay a fee, as they had with their previous provider. 

When the state of Wisconsin opened up the possibility of having third-year education students work as substitutes, Edustaff quickly set out to make that happen for as many students as possible. The result: Edustaff doubled the number of approved substitutes in Eau Claire in one year. 

“Edustaff has been an outstanding partner in helping us through our challenges. They have always had our best interests in mind when making changes and are willing to work through unforeseen challenges as well. We have received constant communication from our Edustaff local representative and receive diligent support from the Edustaff home office. In the five-year partnership, they have been an outstanding and supportive partner.” 

HR Director