Building Relationships in Nebo School District


South Utah County, 52 miles south of Salt Lake City
Population of about 151,460
Serving 36,000 students

• 30 Elementary Schools
• 5 Middle Schools
• 7 High Schools
• 5 Junior High Schools
• 3 Specialty Schools

Previous Provider

Kelly Services

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Nebo School District turned to Edustaff for substitute staffing services in the summer of 2021, after they struggled with unacceptably low fill rates, numerous payroll errors, and an overall lack of communication with their previous provider.

The district got results immediately. Before the next school year had even started, Edustaff had increased the number of active substitutes by 100 percent over the previous provider. By the end of that first school year, the figure had risen to 466 percent more active subs.

The school district, which has 1,500 teachers, now has well over 900 active substitutes ready to step in when a teacher is absent.

Edustaff accomplished the dramatic increase by tapping into the strong sense of community in the City of Spanish Fork, where Nebo is located. Edustaff’s district service representative attended summer festivals, fairs, and carnivals to connect with residents and spread the word about the employment opportunities in Nebo schools.

Working together, Edustaff and Nebo’s HR Coordinator, Ryan Kay, also negotiated pay raises for substitutes, making the district an even more desirable place to work.

With a bigger sub pool and higher pay, there was a corresponding increase in fill rates. At the end of the first year of the Edustaff partnership, fill rates had risen to 88 percent. By the second year, the average fill rate was 94 percent.

“I cannot say enough about the ease of transition, the support through the transition, the level of onsite support that was provided, and honestly the all-around great staff that makes up the Edustaff team. The Edustaff recruiter that works with our district has been an integral part of onboarding and training new subs as well as working to make sure we have high fill rates.”

HR Coordinator