Building Relationships in Corvallis School District


Corvallis, OR
Approximately 45 miles from Eugene

• Serving ~6,800 students
• 9 Elementary Schools
• 3 Middle Schools
• 2 High Schools

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Like many school districts across the country, Corvallis School District needed to find a larger pool of available classified staffing substitutes to fill in during absences.So in 2018, after managing their own substitute pool for years, Corvallis School District recognized the need to create district-wide efficiencies and partnered with Edustaff to provide quality educational staffing and Human Resource services.

Working side-by-side with Edustaff, Corvallis School District’s HR team has implemented an array of best practices and now consistently provides employees who are well-trained and motivated.

The district saves thousands of dollars each year as a direct result of its partnership with Edustaff, and has seenan improvement in several HR efficiencies.

Edustaff manages the full sub pool from background checks and training through to payroll. This has allowed their HR department to focus on other tasks. Edustaff’s extensive marketing and advertising has helped recruitmore classified staffing substitutes and fill more assignments. Edustaff reaches out to potential substitutes through social media, billboards, TV, yard signs and online job boards.

Edustaff also created a targeted recruiting plan to focus just on classified positions, hosting events at Goodwill Job Connection, WorkSource, and local colleges. Edustaff is also building relationships with Spanish-speaking community organizations to increase the pool of bilingual Educational Assistants.

The result? The sub pool grew by 54% in the first year of Edustaff’s contract with Corvallis, bringing increased fill rates even as the total number of absences rose from 12,788 to 14,466 that year.

“Corvallis School District has partnered with Edustaff to provide substitute services to our schools. Their expertise and focus on recruiting and training substitutes has been a great support to our district. They have been a pleasure to work with and are very responsive.” 

Director of Human Resources